Our programs are available to Newark residents, scholarships and matching funds available to select individuals.


The NOCA music lesson studios are currently operating throughout the week. Drums, piano, guitar, and brass instruments are all available.


Starting this summer NOCA will offer open computer lab hours in the IDEA Lab. Computers are equipped with a variety of creative softwares.


NOCA offers workshops on a wide variety of subjects such as recording, film making, painting, drawing graphic design, and creative writing.

Our areas of expertise are constantly expanding as we work to include the brightest professional instructors. These are just some of the areas about which we are passionate:

Music. Music is often described as a “universal language.” At once poetry and mathematics, how we experience music can be vastly different depending on the space, the instrument, the performance, and the intimacy of the listening environment. The science of sound, studio technique, technical manipulation, and sound mixing fuses

with language, pitch, instrumentation, and tactile performance to create the meaningful vibrations that make up our favorite artists.

Film / Video. The art of film is the art of storytelling. What sets film and video apart from other mediums is the depth of conceptual, technical, and sensorial elements that combine to create the unique experience of watching a film. How can two-dimensional representations on a big screen move us so deeply? Frames of light and color, music, dialogue, sound effects, silence, acting, directing, set design, cinematographic technique, and editing all weave sublime and fascinating portrayals of human experience.

Photography. Getting behind the lens of a camera changes the way you see the world. Lines, colors, light and shadow begin to reveal themselves in strange and wonderful ways. Whether you’re interested in portrait photography, landscape, documentary, digital or film, expressing ideas thorough the powerful medium of still frames sheds light on everyday objects, the human form, and the ineffable nature of a captured moment in space and time.

Creative Writing. The ability to write and communicate effectively is an essential skill. Learning how to be a better reader and writer strengthens one’s aptitude for problem solving, critical thinking, emotional navigation, productivity, organization and empathy – all skills to help us better understand our world and to improve well-being. The exercise of creative writing colors our experience and illuminates our goals and purpose.

Painting / Drawing. Whether you’re interested in sketching, architecture, oils, watercolor, charcoal, or mixed media, you know that the tools and the textures you use are just as important as the content you’re exploring. Learning how to maximize the potential of your brushes and brushstrokes will help your vision come to life.

Graphic / Web Design. Digital design is equal parts creative and technical and includes everything from understanding color palettes and visual communication to back-end website coding and analytics. The business of branding and marketing has everything to do with thoughtful creation and cohesive presentation in the digital marketplace. Businesses, artists, and technical gurus converge in the field of graphic and web design.


Scholarship Fund for Emerging Musicians

This scholarship is designed to ensure all members of our community have access to meaningful private music instruction. All skill levels are welcome to apply.

Tom Carroll has given so much to Licking County. As a performer, teacher, and as one of the founders of The Hot Licks Blues Festival, Tom has spent his life committed to fostering creative endeavors.

With over four decades of experience at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, as a Coordinator of Jazz Studies, Instructor of Guitar, Director of Jazz Ensembles and the Denison Jazz Guitar Festival, Tom demonstrates the academic discipline and dedication required of a creative community leader.

Tom has also made a huge impact as a mentor to young musicians. His lifelong engagment with the arts has helped to steep the community in the joys of music. We, at NOCA, believe Tom Carroll has modeled, and continues to model, the passion and education we wish to instill in the community moving forward.

For more information and to apply online, please visit: www.nocapresents.org