Our programs are available to Newark residents, scholarships and matching funds available to select individuals.

Our areas of expertise are constantly expanding as we work to include the brightest professional instructors. These are just some of the areas about which we are passionate:

Music has often been described as a “universal language,” one we all inherently appreciate, but also one which we can all learn to speak. It can be a sublime experience to express oneself through song and to connect with others through notes and melodies. Music is at once poetry and mathematics, and the experience can be vastly different depending on the space, the instrument, the performance, the intimacy of listening through headphones versus the collective energy of listening among a live audience, and all of the nuanced reverberations that our brains interpret. The science of sound, studio technique, technical manipulation, and sound mixing fuses with language, pitch, instrumentation, and human, tactile performance to create the meaningful vibrations that make up some of our favorite artists.

Film / Video. At its core, the art of film is the art of storytelling. What sets film and video apart from other mediums is the depth of conceptual, technical, and sensorial elements that combine to create the unique experience of watching a film. We see real people, actors, real-world locations, manufactured sets, costume design and makeup. We hear conversations, sounds, and music. We witness familiar emotions, relationships, and situations. And all of this is presented to us as spectators on a two-dimensional screen meant to represent our reality through an omniscient point of view. So, why do we feel moved? Visually through pictures of light and color, and aurally through music, speech, sound effects, and silence? Creative writing, set design, acting, directing, cinematographic technique, composition and music, editing, and timing all weave a fascinating portrayal of human experience.

Photography. Getting behind the lens of a camera changes the way you see the world. Lines, colors, light and shadow begin to reveal themselves in strange and wonderful ways. Separating the figure and ground provides depth and dimension. Whether you’re interested in portrait photography, landscape, documentary, digital or film, expressing ideas thorough the powerful medium of still frames sheds light on everyday objects, the human form, and the ineffable nature of a captured moment in space and time.

Creative Writing. No matter what profession you pursue, the ability to write and communicate effectively is an invariably essential skill. Learning how to be a better reader and writer strengthens one’s aptitude for problem solving, critical thinking, emotional navigation, productivity, organization and empathy: the ability to better understand the world around us and prioritize well-being. Learning more about ourselves and others through the exercise of creative writing colors our experience and illuminates our goals and purpose.

Painting / Drawing. Whether you’re interested in sketching, architecture, oils, watercolor, charcoal, or mixed media, you know that the tools and the textures you use are just as important as the content you’re exploring. Learning how to maximize the potential of your brushes and brushstrokes will help your vision come to life.

Graphic / Web Design. Digital design is equal parts creative and technical and includes everything from understanding color palettes and visual communication to back-end website coding and analytics. The business of branding and marketing has everything to do with the thoughtful creation of assets and presenting them cohesively in the digital marketplace. Businesses, artists, and technical gurus converge in the field of graphic and web design.


Starting in 2020 we will offer workshops on Wednesday nights covering a wide variety of subjects such as recording, film making, painting, drawing graphic design, and creative writing.


Students of all ages are welcome to apply for financial assistance for instructors who teach from the Earthwork Studios. Voice, violin, cello, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and piano lessons are available.


If you are looking to get better at songwriting or meet other songwriters this is the group for you. Join our SongTopic group that collectively writes a new song each month inspired by a simple prompt.


NOCA brings industry professionals to Newark to shed light on their experience in the industry. Click the link below to see our upcoming events and more information about the speakers.