The Generation of Creatives.

NOCA is a 501c3 nonprofit organizer and presenter of the creative arts. From being a host for national touring musicians to being a home for young artists who wish to improve their crafts, we work to provide the education, experience, and resources necessary to foster innovative artistic endeavors that enrich our lives and to be accessible and affordable to all community members.


NOCA’s mission is to provide interactive and collaborative spaces for musical performance, technical education, constructive workshopping, communication, literature, film, and artistic experimentation and to ensure that those programs are accessible to all community members. We believe engagement with the creative arts:

  • Fosters better leaders
  • Strengthens cultural identity

• Encourages engagement with local issues

  • Helps solve salient global problems
  • Bridges gaps in neighborhood demographics and socio-economics
  • Improves communication
  • Leads to economic growth
  • Inspires communities

Festivals and performances are a vital component of cultural identity and can support both community and economic development long after the event itself is done.” – National Endowment for the Arts


PRESENT acclaimed, national programming in live performance which serves to enrich the community and surrounding areas

• ORGANIZE spaces in which young artists can exercise their skills, collaborate with others, and learn how to better communicate through workshops, lectures, and presentations

• INITIATE and support performance, visual, written, and musical arts independently and in collaboration with other community institutions through presentation and production

• EMPLOY seasoned educators whose work helps define our cultural identity to work with young enthusiasts who seek a greater understanding of technical, business, and/or creative skills in the arts

• SERVE as a resource for all community members who seek a deeper understanding of the creative arts, to foster interest and engagement, and to provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn and progress individually

• ENCOURAGE thoughtful engagement with creative arts and to foster better community leaders

• DEVELOP a diverse urban center that serves as a fundamental partner and economic driver for all local businesses and organizations

• REACH beyond our city limits and spread the value of the creative arts to surrounding communities by way of performance, education, employment, and technical skill-building


Julian Lage

Julian Lage

Julian Lage returns to Thirty One West on December 6 in support of his new album, “View With A Room.” With special guest, Margaret Glaspy.Read More »