Use the link below to volunteer for Hot Licks Blues Fest 2021


Click the buttons and chart below for details about your shift.

Setup / Tear Down 

Setup / Tear Down

Setup – arrive at 8am. The goal is to have the perimeter closed by noon. We will setup the following areas / items.

  1. Fencing
  2. Barricades
  3. Tents
  4. Signage
  5. Lighting

Teardown – arrive at the registration tent at 10pm. We will break down in the following order:

  1. Merchandise / Equipment / Signage
  2. Tents
  3. Fencing
  4. Barricades
Ticketing / Retail

Ticketing / Retail

You will be selling the following items:

  1. Beverage tickets (there are two types / amounts)
  2. Water
  3. T-Shirts
  4. Posters
  5. Donations

Sales will be made in cash and card. Square is the point of sale.

Customers looking to purchase VIP ticket upgrades can be directed to the VIP tent.

Bartender – Trailer

Bartender – Beer Trailer

Bartenders are responsible for:

  1. Pouring beer
  2. Tapping Kegs
  3. Soliciting tip donations for the Tom Carroll Sponsorship

A variety of beer will be available on tap and from cans. There are two colored beer tickets which correspond to different products. There will be signage describing which tickets correspond to which product.

The Tom Carroll sponsorship is a fund designed to offset costs for private music lessons. At NOCA we believe that every Licking County child deserves access to private instruction. The “tips” given at the beer trailer will be allocated specifically to this fund. (Note: Tom Carroll was the founder of the event 22 years ago!). Tips can be given in cash or via the DipJar. The DipJar charges amounts of $5 when a card is inserted.

Floater / Runner

Floater / Runner

By nature you may find yourself doing a number of things including:

  1. Trash cleanup
  2. Moving beverage from cooler to VIP area
  3. Moving ice to VIP area
  4. Repairing fencing
  5. Moving band equipment
  6. Assisting Entry Attendants

Check in regularly with the various areas (registration, VIP, beer garden, back stage) for specific needs.

Stage Crew

Stage Crew

Stage crew is responsible for overseeing everything on & behind stage including:

  1. Band parking / arrival
  2. Band equipment loading / unloading
  3. Providing beverage / food to band members
  4. Identifying / reporting anyone who should not be back stage
VIP Entrance / Bar 

VIP Area

VIP attendants oversee the entrance and needs of the VIP ticket purchasers.

  1. Check in ticket holders
  2. Sell VIP upgrade tickets
  3. Sell beer tickets to VIP ticket holders
  4. Serve beer to VIP ticket holders

There are two VIP upgrade tickets available.

“VIP Upgrade” – $50 and includes

  1. Access to area in front of stage and exclusive beverage service.

“VIP Reserved Seating Upgrade” – $100 and includes

  1. Reserved seating near stage, exclusive beverage service, VIP lanyard, and a poster.

VIP Reserved Seating Upgrade holders will be identified by the VIP lanyard. VIP Upgrade holders will be identified by a wrist band.


Points of Contact:

Site Managers: Tom Atha & Reece Thompson

Retail Manager: Vince Hickman

Stage Managers: Nat Reeb & Daniel Morris

Food & Beverage: Greg Tracey

VIP Area: Kirk Homrighouse

Position Notes:

Arrival: Please arrive 15 minutes before your shift. Check in at the registration tent.

What to Wear: We will provide you with a volunteer t-shirt upon arrival.

Where to Park: Granville Elementary School if closer parking is not available.