33 West Church Street Newark, Ohio

In the fall of 2021 NOCA opened an arts education center located downtown Newark next to Thirty One West. The space currently offers private music lesson studios, a box office, and retail for music and arts supplies. This year NOCA is working to open the IDEA Lab (Interactive Digital Education and Arts Laboratory). The space will be the epicenter for NOCA’s educational activities where students from Central Ohio will learn technical skills in the arts to enhance personal and employment outcomes. Please consider supporting our fundraising efforts by making a donation on this page.


The IDEA Lab (Interactive Digital Education and Arts Laboratory) will be home to NOCA’s classroom education. The classes here will focus on technology in the arts and employment preparation as well as providing the community a creative space to exercise skills and hone crafts. NOCA’s intention is to connect creatives with professionals and to provide resources and experience


In 2021, NOCA assigned the programming role for its neighbor, Thirty One West, and now houses box office activity for live events and community registration. Ticket buyers and registrants are able to purchase and pick up tickets for events as well as register for classes, workshops, and private instruction.


The space provides music lesson studios for teachers and students. Martin Music initiated a history of music lessons in this building, beginning in 1951, where they taught lessons for nearly three decades. NOCA is continuing the legacy of arts education by offering reservable practice rooms, one-on-one instruction, and collaborative workspace.


Where do you buy music in Licking County? While there are many digital options for music, nothing compares to the physical album: artwork, liner notes, and a deliberate ordering of songs by the artist, which is why we offer a curated vinyl album selection, turntables, and audio hardware as well as music and art supplies.