Q: What is NOCA?

NOCA is an organizer and presenter of the creative arts. From being a host for national touring musicians to being a home for young artists who wish to improve their crafts, we strive to be accessible and affordable to all community members and to provide the education, experience, and resources necessary to foster innovative artistic endeavors that enrich our lives. Find out more ABOUT US.

Q: What is the relationship with Thirty One West?

NOCA and Thirty One West work closely together but operate as two separate entities. Thirty One West donates their venue to NOCA as well as a portion of their year end profits. Because of these generous contributions NOCA presents many of its events at this venue.

Q: Who is eligible to sign up for your programs and workshops?

Anyone can sign up! See specific program offerings for descriptions of age groups and skill levels. If you have questions about whether or not you or your child are a good fit for a class, please CONTACT US. You may view and sign up for our current program offerings on our PROGRAMS page.

Q: How do I sign up for programs?

You may view and sign up for our current program offerings on our PROGRAMS page.

Q: Do you offer program assistance?

Yes! If you cannot afford the program fees, you may qualify for full or partial coverage. Unfortunately, we cannot offer free tickets to our ticketed, touring musical performances. Please CONTACT US for more information.

Q: How long do programs/workshops last?

The length and frequency of our programs and workshops vary depending on the content of the class, the instructor, and the season in which it’s offered. Please see the details of each program on the PROGRAMS page.

Q: How can I support NOCA?

There are many ways to support NOCA! You can become an ANNUAL DONOR or make a ONE-TIME DONATION. You can VOLUNTEER to work during our events. You can APPLY to be an instructor, educator, or staff member. You can ATTEND A WORKSHOP, or you can simply TELL A FRIEND about us!